Classic Bridges 45 mm & 40 mm – A style signature

Press Release – SIHH 2018

Classic Bridges 45 mm & 40 mm – A style signature

Girard-Perregaux celebrates the excellence of its heritage with two new pink gold Classic Bridges models. In a 45 mm version designed for sturdier wrists, or exuding discreet elegance in a 40 mm iteration, these two timepieces have a lot going for them. Displaying perfect mastery of the aesthetic vocabulary that is the hallmark of Girard-Perregaux creations, the new Classic Bridges models provide an unprecedented interpretation of the iconic gold bridges that have punctuated the history of the Maison.

Two arrow-shaped bridges highlight the architectural symmetry at work behind the scenes. To equip these two timepieces, the Manufacture has developed an automatic winding movement revealing an extremely high degree of finishing and decoration. The understated and refined 45mm and 40mm pink gold Classic Bridges asserts itself as a new style signature on the contemporary watchmaking scene.

A mere glance – without any explanation or commentary – is sometimes enough to grasp the origins of a creation, to retrace its history. Such is very much the case with the watches bearing the famous Girard-Perregaux gold bridges. Since the invention of the emblematic Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges, the Manufacture has been writing the epic saga of these technical elements that have become an essential part of the elegant aesthetic characterising its entire range of timepieces. A year after the launch of the Neo Bridges model offering an extremely contemporary interpretation of the famous gold bridges, the Bridges collection now welcomes two interpretations with classically inspired accents, once again celebrating the seamless merging of design and mechanics. 

A timeless emblem

While there are ‘only’ two of them, their arrow-shaped silhouette attests to their noble origins. Standing out vividly against the dial of the new Classic Bridges, the gold bridges epitomise a formal and symbolic link between eras. Attired in pink gold and available in two diameters – a 45 mm extra-wide version and a more understated 40 mm interpretation – these new timepieces are firmly rooted in the present with a partially openworked dial providing tantalising glimpses of their inner mechanical secrets.

Geared for excellence

Beneath its two gold bridges lies a revelation of pure technical horology. Arranged in perfect symmetry, the micro rotor between 10 and 11 o’clock and the barrel between 1 and 2 o’clock provide a chance to admire some of the intricacies of the self-winding movement. A second gold bridge at 6 o’clock supports a spectacular balance wheel, a guarantee of exceptional precision. Together, they stage a captivating mechanical demonstration featuring a clever play on volume and depth that offers Fine Watchmaking connoisseurs an excellent compromise between a pure, restrained aesthetic and the design of a skeleton-worked model. 

The magic of details

Because Fine Watchmaking is also and above all a matter of details, Girard-Perregaux has lavished particular attention on the decoration of the entirely in-house crafted movement. Visible through the sapphire crystal case-back, it testifies to an exceptional degree of finishing never yet seen on a watch indicating only the hours and minutes. The dial side puts on an even more spectacular show, revealing the two bevelled, rounded, mirror-polished and satin-brushed gold bridges exemplifying meticulous and patient craftsmanship.  A painstaking process intended to achieve aesthetic exemplarity while integrating horological technicality as an essential part of design. 

Everyday classics

On an aesthetic level, the new Classic Bridges have been designed for everyday wear. The ergonomic case – with its two diameters and its distinctive lug design flowing into an elegant black alligator leather strap – is all about wearer comfort, reflecting that provided by the movement with its generous 48-hour power reserve.

Loyal to the DNA of Girard-Perregaux, the new Classic Bridges 45 mm and 40 mm represent the next chapter in the ongoing history of grand icon of traditional watchmaking. Immediately recognisable, following in the wake of the unmistakable Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges and as a classical echo of the contemporary Neo Bridges timepieces, these Classic Bridges models celebrate the Girard-Perregaux heritage with a blend of strength and daring. A new timeless classic inspired by more than two centuries of expertise and a tireless quest for horological perfection.

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