Renowned Actor Chen Xiao Becomes The Brand Ambassador For Girard-Perregaux In China

Press Release

Renowned Actor Chen Xiao Becomes The Brand Ambassador For Girard-Perregaux In China

Girard-Perregaux is proud to unveil its new brand ambassador for China, the acclaimed actor Chen Xiao - a young Chinese actor in both television and film, who shows great promise for the future, projecting intelligence and elegance, carving out a name for himself as a result of his intuitive and sparkling performances, earning him many accolades from both the public and the industry.

Girard-Perregaux reveals the brand’s new face in China through a campaign that illustrates the values upheld by Chen Xiao and the Fine Watchmaking brand: engagement, precision, innovation, as well as adding emotion and elegance to our everyday lives.

Chen Xiao began his acting career in the TV series Our Class Song, subsequently coming first in regional exams to enter the Central Drama Academy. Thanks to his acting skills, charisma and personality, Chen Xiao’s fame quickly grew throughout the film world. Over the years he played a number of different roles in well-known films and TV series, including Swordsman (2013), Legend of Lu Zhen (2013), The Romance of the Condor Heroes (2014), as well as The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014), The Founding of An Army (2017) and Nothing Gold Can Stay (2017) for his ground-breaking performances and his energetic portrayal of his characters, which not only earned him many accolades from his fans, but also put him in the running for major awards in the international film world. In recent years, in particular his performance in Love Journey (2019) earned him recognition among a wider audience.

Off screen, Chen Xiao is known amongst his friends as ‘the entertainer.’ As talented as he is curious, the Chinese actor is able to move smoothly from one role to another and explore new territories, constantly surprising his many fans. Chen Xiao believes in staying ahead of the curve, but also being prepared to accept what life brings you – all while cultivating a certain sense of romanticism and mystery.

"No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but we deal with each situation when it occurs. These things come to us; our role is to welcome them and experience them. Time is our ally. Let’s live it with elegance” Chen Xiao.

Living from day to day, appreciating the moment at hand and being capable of considering it as the best moment to experience: such is the life philosophy of Chen Xiao, for whom Girard-Perregaux watches serve as a daily reminder that time is indeed a major ally. It is precisely because of this free-spirited nature – along with an adventurous and persevering character that never forgets to blend passion and elegance into everyday life – that Girard-Perregaux wished to collaborate with Chen Xiao.

"The values that Chen Xiao promotes through his personality and his acting are attuned to those of our brand. A Girard-Perregaux watch requires carefully studied mechanics and rigorously mastered craftsmanship. Nevertheless, despite this constant quest for precision – and while preserving its heritage – Girard-Perregaux continues to innovate and reinterpret some of the brand's icons through contemporary and often poetic creations, consistently designed to convey emotions. Nowadays, a watch must give us much more than just the time; it must tell a story, feature a beautiful design, channel meaning and emotions – exactly like the acting of Chen Xiao and the roles he chooses. It is this philosophy of both life and work that we share with Chen Xiao.” Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Girard- Perregaux.